Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Intermediates (API)

We procure and deliver a wide range of APIs and intermediates to pharmaceuticals industry in Africa for the production of drug and health products. Our ranges of APIs and intermediates are sourced from reputable manufacturers who have over the years ensured that they meet our minimum quality standard requirements, which includes: • manufactured in accordance with the internationally accepted Good Manufacturing Practices for Drug Substance and Excipients • meet label or certificate of analysis claims for identification, strength, purity, and quality. • are consistent in quality from batch to batch • meet requirements for acceptable limits of contamination • meet all the requirements of ISO9001:2000 certification, BP/USP. We have an in-house world class quality assurance unit that ensures that the above standards are met. We understand that confidence in purchased materials to perform what they are meant for is what our customers would value very much and would not want to compromise.

Raw Materials
Accacia GumAerosil 200Albendazole BP
Alura Red 40Amaranth ColourAmiloride Hcl USP
Ammonium ChlorideAmodiaquine hclAmoxycillin powder BP
Amoxycillin CompatedAmpicillin Trihydrate powder BP Ampicillin Compated
Aniseed OilArtemether Int.PH3Artesunate
Ascorbic AcidAspartame FccAsprin Crystal
Avicel 591Avicel PH 101Bees Wax
benzoic acidBronopolBrown Dispersion
CaffeineCalcium CarbonateCanuba Wax
Caramel PowderCefuroxime Axetil BPCherry Esential Oil Flv (Lt.)
Chloro -Phosphate BPChloroform LtrsCitric acid Anhydrous
Cloxacillin sodium powder BPCloxacillin CompactedCodeine Phosphate
Copper SulphateCPMDi-Calcium Phosphate
Diphen - HCLDisodium EDTAErythromycin Ethyl Succinate
ExplotabFerric Ammonium CitrateFerrous Fumerate
Ferrous GluconateFerrous SulphatePineapple Liquid Flavour
Pineapple dry FlavourVanilla Liquid FlavourBannana Ltrs Flavour
Orange Dry FlavourOrange Liquid FlavourRaspberry Liquid B17(Lt.) Flavour
Strawberry Dry FlavourStrawberry Liquid FlavourVanilla Dry Flavour
Folic AcidGelatineHydrochlorothiazide BP
Ibuprofen powderLactose 200 MeshLiquid Glucose
LumefantrineMagnesium stearateMagnesium trisilicate light
Magnesium Carbonate LightMaize StarchManganese Sulphate
Menthol CrystalsMethyl ParabenMetro Benzoate
Metronidazole BPNicotinamideMeNipaset Ordinary
Nipaset SodiumNylon hand gloveP.V.P.K 30 + 90
Para PowderParafin Waxpeppermint oil
Ponceur 4R H7098Potasium SorbatePregel Starch
Propyl ParabenPropylene GlycolPyrimethamine
Red DispersionRib.-5-Sod, P04Shellac Orange
Silicon dioxidesimethiconeSMZ
Sodium AscobateSodium BenzoateSodium Bicarbonate
Sodium CitrateSodium CMCSodium EDTA
Sodium HydroxideSodium Lauryl Sulphate+C26Sodium Metabisulphate
Sodium SaccharinSorbitolTrisodium
Stearic AcidSulphadoxineSunset Yellow
Talc powderTetrazine ColourTitanium Dioxide
TMPTween 80 Polysorbateveegum
Vitamin A AcetateVitamin A Palmitate(1miu/g)Vitamin A+D3 H20 Type 100/20 ('000)
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine Hcl)Vitamin B12 (CYANOCOBALAMIN)Vitamin B2 (Riboflavine BP)
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)Vitamin D2Vitamin D3 100,000 /U kg
White cellotapeWincoat WT-AQ BrownWincoat WT-AQ Pink
Wincoat WT-AQ RedWincoat WT-AQ WhiteXanthan Gum

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