Packaging Materials:

Quality Pharmaceutical Packaging materials constitute about 30% of all our inventory keep. Our strength is on our solid partnership with our European and Asian based suppliers. There is flexibility in our operations in meeting up with our customers need without compromising quality and price. Due to our high volume imports on items like PVC, Bottles, Foils etc our prices are relatively stable for the advantage of our Customers. A variety of other packaging materials for various industrial applications across the globe are also procured and supplied by us on demand.

List of Packaging Materials

100ml bottles
125ml bottles
18ml bottles
200ml bottles
20ml bottles
60ml bottles
Aluminium seal
Dropper 15ml
Hot tape foil
Latex hand glove
Pvc 134mm
Pvc 149mm
Pvc 158mm
Pvc 177mm
Pvc 200mm
Pvc 217mm
Ropp cap 22mm
Ropp cap 28mm
Shrink film (200/400 mm)
Shrink film (325/650 mm)

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